The company KNEZ PETROL has one of the best fleets, intended for the supply of our sales facilities and end customers. The vehicle fleet consists of 110 vehicles with 5 Euro engines, 85 vehicles for petroleum products BMB, Euro Diesel, and 25 vehicles for the transport of liquefied petroleum gas.

All vehicles for transporting derivatives are aluminum tanks with 3 to 7 chambers , with the possibility of transporting 2 different types of derivatives. The vehicles have digital measuring groups with printers, calibrated by the measuring institute and are equipped with floor filling (euro plugging), electric probes, additive containers, pump for discharging into above-ground and underground tanks as well as 50m dispensing hoses (small hoses). with a gun) and 20m (large intestine).

The carrying capacity of tanks for petroleum products (BMB, Euro Diesel) is 17,000L, 30,000L and 35,000L , while tanks for transporting petroleum liquefied gas can carry 25,000kg of this derivative. All petroleum liquefied petroleum gas tanks have digital Macola volumerte. The company owns smaller trucks with trailers, carrying capacity 5,000L, 10,000L and 15,000L for smaller orders. A novelty in our fleet is the tank with which we perform the services of vacuuming gas tanks.

Our fleet consists of 110 trucks with a Euro 5 engine, of the highest environmental standards . All vehicles have a digital fuel dispensing system, a euro loading system and are equipped with GSP tracking systems.

What certainly speaks positively about KNEZ PETROL is the cooperation with well-known hosts and foreign companies such as: Petrol Slovenia, Eko hellenic petroleum, Nis Jugopetrol AD, Nis Petrol Banja Luka, Nestro Petrol, Lukoil.

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Environmental responsibility

The company KNEZ PETROL, as a socially responsible company, uses a fleet of trucks exclusively with eco engines. Environmental protection is our primary goal. All our products are subject to all current eco standards in the phase from production to distribution.