Great Holiday Gift Action by the company 'Knez Petrol' and the daily newspaper 'Informer'

Sipaj za 10 dinara po litru benzina i dizela

Sipaj za 10 dinara po litru benzina i dizela

Pour for 10 dinars per liter of gasoline and diesel. Happy Holidays! 'Knez Petrol' and 'Informer' have prepared a gift-card for you! From December 31st to January 13th, 2019, all readers of Informer at 'Knez Petrol' gas stations throughout Serbia will be able to save TEN DINARS on every liter of purchased gasoline and diesel, with no quantity restrictions.

The rules of the gift action, which we have treated you with before, have not changed. Each day during the action, you will find a coupon on the front page of Informer that you can use to get a discount when paying for fuel at the gas station.

It is enough to hand over a copy of Informer with the coupon on the front page to the cashier. The coupons are marked with a number, date, and have a special barcode, and one coupon can be used for one fueling. Do not worry; each coupon will indicate the day and until what time it can be used. The entire action ends on January 13th at 23:59 h.

The amount of fuel that can be paid with the discount coupon is limited only by the size of the tank and applies to all consumers and all vehicles – both cars and trucks, buses, as well as tractors and agricultural machinery!

Every liter of Eurodiesel, ADI diesel, BMB 98, and BMB 95 will cost you 10 dinars less.

Pour and save!