About us

Knez Petrol is a company with clearly defined business goals and a growth strategy. We have achieved significant milestones and strive for a leading position in the oil and petroleum products trading industry. In our daily work, each of us represents the face of our company, shaping how others perceive the organization we work for and the brand we represent.

At the moment, Knez Petrol operates over 110 petrol stations across Serbia. We showcase a modern retail network known for quality, service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Our stations provide various fuels like Euro Premium BMB 95, Euro BMB 98, Euro diesel, LPG, X Energy, and Gas Oil. Expect an outstanding selection that mirrors our commitment to quality and meeting our clients' needs.

At Knez Petrol, we have a team of 2000 highly skilled professionals who continually expand their expertise in accordance with the highest training standards, adapting to the specifics of their job responsibilities. The company's leadership is comprised of young experts for whom preserving outstanding business relationships with our partners and consumers is paramount.

Guided by our vision and the trust placed in us, we've developed innovative concepts to transform the Knez Petrol network of petrol stations into pleasant places of respite for all our customers. Regardless of the location, we offer a broad range of possibilities and high-quality service.

As our company grows, so does our responsibility to the market, consumers, and society. That's why our service is fast, high-quality, and in line with European standards.

The fundamental guidelines of our business encompass:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Safety
  • Sustainable business practices
  • Quality of services and products
  • Expansion of the retail network
  • Teamwork.

With experience, professional knowledge, a serious and responsible approach, collaborative work, collegiality, efficient organization, and, of course, guided by our vision, we are constructing KNEZ PETROL alongside you..

KNEZ PETROL – The energy of visionaries.

What is XEnergy?

The latest formula of fuel additive supports the cleaning and maintenance of your car's engine.

  • Preventing the formation of deposits on the fuel injector system of the engine,
  • Breaking down deposits on injectors caused by prolonged use of non-additive fuels,
  • Increasing the cetane number of the fuel,
  • Protecting the engine fuel supply system from corrosion,
  • Reducing foam formation in diesel fuel,
  • Ensuring easier separation of water from fuel,
  • Reducing exhaust gas emissions (soot particles, CO, and unburned hydrocarbons), and
  • Subject to variations in engine operating conditions, it contributes to fuel consumption reduction.

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