In 2024, Knez Petrol company plans to further expand its retail network and automate processes

For the year 2024, as well as in previous years, we have set highly ambitious plans in multiple business aspects, involving significant investments. These investments are well-balanced, demonstrating a conservative approach regarding the proportion of equity and borrowed funds. We prioritize maintaining a high level of liquidity and adequate capital base, considering it a crucial factor for long-term sustainable growth, especially given the direction of interest rates in both domestic and international financial markets.

Specifically, in 2024, we plan to expand our retail network by opening 4-5 new gas stations, leading to an increase in the number of employees.

Additionally, we are investing in strengthening our transportation capacities through the acquisition of new fleets of trucks and tankers.

The continuous growth of the company necessitates the synchronization and alignment of technical capacities with business needs. Therefore, this year, we will invest significant funds in new software solutions to further automate internal processes.

We also plan investments in new technological solutions in the field of ecology, as we are aware of the importance of preserving nature for the sustainable development of our society.

In 2024, we remain strongly committed to socially responsible behavior by caring for socially vulnerable populations, focusing on education and the health of our children. In this regard, we plan to expand our range of activities, firmly believing that our growth and development make sense only if our social community progresses in the same direction and intensity.

In conclusion, as this business year comes to an end, I would like to express my gratitude to all our business partners and local and state authorities for their exceptional partnership. I wish everyone good luck and success in the upcoming business year, stated Zlatko Aničić, the director of Knez Petrol company.