Dear friends and good neighbors, above all!


Health Center Knjaževac provides primary healthcare services as well as specialist-consultative and hospital healthcare services in the General Hospital. The General Hospital, within the internal medicine department, has 40 beds. The donated medical device, a defibrillator, is primarily intended for the emergency rescue of patients experiencing sudden cardiac arrest symptoms.

Defibrillators are designed to correct life-threatening heart rhythm disorders.
On behalf of the city of Knjaževac, representatives of Knez Petrol were welcomed by the Mayor Milan Djokić, along with representatives of the Health Center Knjaževac: Dr. Ivica Rakić, Acting Director of the Health Center Knjaževac, and Dr. Darko Mrković, Head of the General Hospital and Chief of the Internal Medicine Department.

Expressing gratitude for the donation, the Mayor of Knjaževac, Milan Djokić, and the Director of the Health Center Knjaževac, Ivica Rakić, thanked Knez Petrol and Srđan Knežević on behalf of the citizens of Knjaževac. They also extended an invitation to other socially responsible companies to follow the example set by Knez Petrol.

Ratko Gustovarac, Director of Retail at the company, expressed gratitude to the hosts for their hospitality and to the citizens of Knjaževac for their good neighborly relations, emphasizing that, above all, they are friends, and everything else follows. He highlighted the company's orientation towards assistance and support.