The new Premium facility of Knez Petrol company opened in Leskovac

Novi Premium objekat kompanije Knez Petrol otvoren u Leskovcu

The second Premium gas station of Knez Petrol, also the fourth in Leskovac, was opened on Friday. The new modernly redesigned facility of Knez Petrol, offering the highest quality fuel, is aimed at satisfying even the most demanding consumers.
Nov moderan redizajniran objekat kompanije Knez Petrol  sa najkvalitetnijim gorivom usmeren je da zadovolji i najzahtevnije potročače.
In addition to the standard derivatives, BS Knez Petrol Leskovac 3 also offers Xenergy diesel and Xenergy BMB 100, the latest generation additive fuels.

For farmers, the company provides a card with special benefits.
As part of the opening weekend promotion, the new gas station offers a 10 dinars lower price. The facility was opened by the Mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanović, and Srđan Knežević, the president of Knez Petrol.

Socially responsible, aiming to set an example of good practice by highlighting the need for solidarity in society and emphasizing that community problems are genuinely shared and solvable, Knez Petrol donated 2 million dinars in goods to socially vulnerable families, selected by the Center for Social Work, Children and Youth Service Leskovac.

Mayor Goran Cvetanović wished the management and employees much success in their business, emphasizing that the employment of 20 new workers is significant for the city of Leskovac. He praised the humanity and solidarity of this socially responsible company, whose management provided valuable donations for families in need and organized gifts and entertainers for children.

"We advocate for the same values, and that's why I am confident that you will be hosts and partners in the local self-government in Leskovac. With partners like Knez Petrol, we will continue at an even stronger pace to provide the best possible living conditions for all residents of our city. We are confident that we will cooperate even better, and know that the doors of the city of Leskovac will always be open to you because we are on the same mission.

This is evidenced by the fact that just a few hundred meters from this gas station, construction works are underway to reconstruct Bulevar Nikole Pašića, worth 268 million dinars. Another important road – the road Leskovac – Vlasotince was completely reconstructed last year with an amount of 283.3 million dinars, and another facility of this company is located right there," added Mayor Cvetanović.

On this occasion, the president of Knez Petrol, Srđan Knežević, thanked both the mayor and the citizens of Leskovac for their hospitality in this city, emphasizing that socially responsible business is one of the imperatives of the company, and that the smiles of these children today are the greatest success. te da je osmeh ove dece danas najveci uspeh.

As part of the company's development plan for the first half of this year, the opening of this retail facility of the Premium Brand was strategically planned.
Knez Petrol will continue to expand its retail network in the coming period, developing and modernizing it, achieving the strategically planned goals for this year, taking into account the relationship between price and quality, as well as constant improvement of the offer always focused on consumer needs, stated Knežević.