Knez Petrol Company has extended its support to the Knjaževac Health Center once again

Kompanija Knez Petrol ponovo donirala zdravstveni centar Knjaževac

Knez Petrol Company continues to actively support the community, in line with its primary commitment to solidarity and responsibility.

On Wednesday, Predrag Nikić, the director of Knez Petrol Company, personally handed over a donation to the Knjaževac Health Center, which provides primary health care services as well as specialist-consultative and hospital health services at the General Hospital.

The monthly average of surgical interventions at this institution is around 80 procedures.

The donation of equipment for the sterilization of surgical instruments
in the surgical block and operating rooms will significantly facilitate the work of the institution and improve the quality of service.

Socially responsible and aiming to set an example of good practice, we continue to assist both the community and individuals in need.

By expanding our retail network, we, as the only domestic private oil company, create opportunities for new employment.

At the moment, we are preparing to open 8 retail facilities, including Pirot, Priboj with two retail facilities, Šimanovci, Žabari, Bečej, Novi Sad. All our retail facilities offer the new generation Xenergy diesel fuel and Xenergy BMB.

With the company's development plan and the opening of these facilities, by the end of the year, another 100 of our fellow citizens will gain employment," said Nikić.

On behalf of all citizens who use the services of the Knjaževac Health Center, as well as all employees, Ivan Radosavljević, the hospital manager, and Igor Milosavljević, the head of the general surgery department, expressed their gratitude to the now-traditional donor, Knez Petrol Company, emphasizing that this is not the first time they have received a donation from Knez Petrol Company.