CNG methane at the Knez Petrol gas station – Kruševac 1

At the beginning of the year, Knez Petrol Company announced the introduction of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) at its retail locations.

The first Knez Petrol gas station to start offering CNG is the Knez Petrol Kruševac 1 gas station located at Jasički put bb, Kruševac. benzinska stanica Knez Petrol Kruševac 1 na adresi Jasički put bb Kruševac.

CNG, or compressed natural gas, is a propulsion fuel with numerous advantages.

One primary advantage of using CNG is its environmental friendliness, contributing to the preservation of the ecosystem. The emission of carcinogenic pollutants is minimal. kancerogenih zagađivača je minimalna.

It is cost-effective compared to other fuels.

By utilizing CNG, users achieve significant financial savings, sometimes up to 50%. 50%.

An important aspect of using CNG is that it enhances engine power as it is the most calorific fuel, resulting in easier starting and lower fuel consumption. gorivo, auto ima lakši strat I manju potrošnju.

About 95% of compressed natural gas consists of methane, known as natural gas. In line with all the mentioned benefits, using natural gas leads to reduced engine maintenance and a longer engine lifespan.

CNG is employed not only as a propulsion fuel but also as an energy source in the industry.

In Serbia, there are not many gas stations offering CNG, as this network is still developing and expanding.

Knez Petrol Company, keeping pace with market needs and consumer demands, seeks to meet the requirements of even the most discerning customers while maintaining a balance between price and quality of goods and services. It proudly highlights that this is the first in a series of gas stations where CNG is available.

Soon, CNG will be available at the Knez Petrol Šimanovci and Knez Petrol Novi Sad 2 gas stations. Novi Sad 2.