Top 100 – Award Ceremony

100 najvećih – dodela priznanja

The unique selection 'Top 100' has been traditionally held for 30 years in the region. The 'Top 100' project was implemented for the first time in Serbia.

The most successful companies in Serbia were presented through the project and 'Top 100 in Serbia' to the public at a ceremony on September 20, 2019.
Awards were given to the best-ranked companies based on remarkable results achieved in 2018. The event brought together numerous businessmen, managers, high officials, ambassadors, and representatives of the diplomatic corps. The 'Top 100 in Serbia' project contributes to the development and strengthening of a positive atmosphere by promoting positive business practices, the largest and most profitable companies, as well as the largest employers.

Criteria for ranking on the 'Top 100 in Serbia' lists:
All companies that submitted financial statements for 2018 are ranked.
Ranking includes large, medium, and small enterprises.
Companies are ranked by revenue, profit, and the number of employees.
Bonus ranking by industry sectors.

Among the awarded companies is the domestic company Knez Petrol in the industry category.

The award on behalf of the company was received by Srđan Knežević.

The dinner organized for the award ceremony has a humanitarian character, and the funds collected will be donated to the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

A special moment of the gala dinner was a performance by the painter Janoš Mesaroš, who had previously performed in Rio de Janeiro. On this occasion, he spectacularly presented his work to the Belgrade audience.