The company KNEZ PETROL has one the best motor pools, for the purposes of supply of our trade facilities and final customers. The motor pool is consisted of 105 vehicles with Euro 5 engines of wich 95 vehicles for oil products of unleaded gasoline BMB, Euro Diesel and 20 vehicles are for liquid petroleum gas transport. 

All transport vehicles for products owned by the KNEZ PETROL are aluminum cisterns with 3 to 7 chambers and possibility to transport 2 different types of products. The vehicles are equipped with digital measuring groups with printers, calibrated by the Institute for Measuring, and have floor filling (Euro pouring), electro probes, dishes for fuel additives, pumps for outpouring into overground and underground reservoirs both by hoses for outpouring of 50m (thin hoses with pouring guns) and of 20m (thick hoses).

Oil product carrying vehicle have capacities of 17.000, 30.000 and 35.000 liters (of leaded gasoline, unleaded gasoline, D2, Euro Diesel), while cisterns carrying liquid petroleum gas can carry 25.000kg of the product. All liquid petroleum gas carrying vehicles have digital Macola Volumeter. The company owns smaller trucks with trailers carrying capacity 5.000L, 10.000L and 15.000L for smaller orders. The novelty in our fleet is the cistern by which the vacuuming of gas tanks is performed.


Environmental Responsibility

As socially responsible, the company KNEZ PETROL uses the fleet exclusively with eco engines. Environmental protection is our primary goal. All our products are subject to all current ecological standards at the stage of production to their distribution.