Families consist of members, while colleagues make up a company

Knez Petrol Company was established back in 2004, operating with two gas stations, a small truck fleet, and a total of 38 employees. Today, Knez Petrol is a company with over 1200 employees, 100 gas stations, and an impressive truck fleet.

Under the umbrella of Knez Petrol, the company has expanded its operations beyond the borders of Serbia in just under two decades, with Knez Petrol Banja Luka abroad, and within Serbia, Knežević Petrol, Knez Petrol Company, Knez Petrol Holding.

But this is not the end; it marks the beginning of further expansion, even venturing into the agricultural sector where we currently operate through two legal entities, Knez Agrar and Knez Agrar Vet.
From a small enterprise, a domestic market economic giant has emerged.
Being among the best in the market is an achievement, but maintaining a leadership position is a much more challenging task that continually teaches everyone to be an even better version of themselves.
Impeccable service, cheerful and smiling faces ready to help, and clean and tidy spaces are crucial factors that keep our consumers coming back.
Therefore, we want to express our gratitude to all employees, without whom we wouldn't be what we are.
We take pride in the collegiality and knowledge of our colleagues, as well as the experience of our long-standing employees.