JP Post of Serbia and Knez Petrol signed a business cooperation agreement at the grand opening of the Šimanovci gas station


Business cooperation in the spirit of good business relations was confirmed today by the leaders of JP Post of Serbia and Knez Petrol company at the grand opening of the fourth in a series PREMIUM branded gas station in Šimanovci, where the first parcel locker for receiving shipments was also installed. The modern and functional gas station, positioned excellently and offering the full range of derivatives, our xenergy diesel, and xenergy bmb 100, also provides CNG methane gas.

Zoran Đorđević, director of JP Post of Serbia, and Zlatko Aničić, director of Knez Petrol, signed a Business Cooperation Agreement through which Knez Petrol becomes the representative of JP Post of Serbia in providing payment-postal services, creating a significant synergistic effect through closer business integration of two well-known national brands.

The collaboration begins at the Knez Petrol Borča gas station located at Zrenjaninski put 114b, where soon all clients of Knez Petrol and JP Post of Serbia, as well as all residents of the left bank of the Danube, will have the opportunity to perform payment-postal transactions at this retail facility. Receiving postal shipments in domestic and international traffic, including Post Express services, "today for tomorrow" services, as well as telegrams, will also be possible.

All these services will be available outside regular working hours, on weekends, and holidays.

On the occasion of the opening of this modern gas station, Knez Petrol company donated aid to 20 of the most socially vulnerable families in the municipality of Pećinci.ženijih porodica na terioriji opštine Pećinci.

Knez Petrol company has been successfully operating for twenty years in the Serbian market through continuous expansion of the business network and improvement of service quality, all with the aim of satisfying the needs of the most demanding consumers.

CNG methane, as an increasingly sought-after derivative, is available to our consumers at the Knez Petrol Kruševac location, at Jasički put bb. The advantages of this derivative include environmental preservation, reduced consumption, and lower prices, making it economically twice as efficient as other petroleum derivatives.

With the opening of the Knez Petrol Šimanovci gas station, ceremoniously opened by the president of the municipality of Pećinci, Siniša Đokić, a new chapter has opened in the continued work and development of the Knez Petrol company, offering a wide range of products and top-quality services.