Knez Petrol Service

Regular maintenance of towing and trailer vehicles:
– replacement of filters and oil, at the recommended mileage, regular fluid check (antifreeze, transmission oil, differential …), brake system check (replacement of used disc plates, pads, brake discs, brake cylinders, pneumatic installations …) check injection systems, valves, AGR valves, clutch set replacement (lamellas, baskets and druck bearings), large service (replacement of all belts, spanners and water pumps), valve clearance adjustment, installation of abs system for trailers, etc.

Extraordinary maintenance:
– repair of engines, gearboxes, differentials, overhaul of brakes on trailers, troubleshooting of vehicles, etc.

– performing aluminum and metal welds, upgrading – making roof structures

Car diagnostics:
– EOBD diagnosis, serial diagnosis (diagnostics on all electronic systems installed on the vehicle, as well as access to adjustment, activation and configuration functions)

– repair of electrical installations of towing and trailer vehicles, repair of electrical assemblies, (alnasers, alternators, etc.) car air conditioning, web heating

– painting of the complete vehicle fleet